Croatian Railways Discount

40% discount on all two-ways Croatian railway tickets!

Croatian Railway allows 40% discount on a regular price to all festival visitors. This includes 1st and 2nd class of all regular trains for festival visitors coming from Croatia and Slovenia too.

To fulfill all conditions for discount, travelers need to, while purchasing ticket, declare traveling on the festival. Ticket has to be two-way and should be stamped by the festival organization. Certifying can be done on the front cashier. Only stamped ticket can be used for returning travel. Otherwise, traveler will be obligated to pay the difference between regular and discounted price.

Discount is possible for other countries, as well, by the following rules:

  • Hungary – Croatia: 60% discount for individual two-way travels
  • Macedonia – Croatia: 30% discount for individual travels
  • Montenegro – Croatia and Serbia – Croatia: 30% discount for individual travels and 50% discount for groups of 2-5
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – Croatia: 20% discount for individual two-ways travels

Groups of six or more travelers also travel cheaper. Discount starts at 20% and goes up to 70%, all depending terms and conditions of transport of the country they are traveling from. More information can be found on sale points or on the Internet website of every railway administration.

Certifying tickets is obligation only for Croatia and Slovenia travelers, while for rest of the visitors this provision does not apply, as the discount exist regardless of the traveling reason.