Coming on the festival, but you do not have where to stay? That should not be a problem, as we have perfect solution for everyone. Croatia is well known as a touristic destination, especially taking in consideration it having a seaside. Therefore, it is logical that there are plenty of private renters, all offering apartments for a solid price. Apart from good price and offer, Croatian apartment renters are known as the kindest apartment owners in Europe and beyond. Taking all this in consideration, finding ideal apartment to fit all your needs is easy.
Our recommendation is to look at the page where apartment advertising for whole Croatia is done. Most Croatian renters have advertising for their apartment there, so finding appropriate place in any city in Croatia is easier with this portal. Price varies depending on the apartment type, size, distance from sea side and similar things. They usually range from 10 to 50 Euros per night and for those more luxurious options price is much bigger.
If you are not interested in having apartment, but would rather stay in a hotel, plenty of them are located near the festival area. Hotels are always a bit more expensive than apartments, but worth in any case. Every hotel has pleasant and friendly staff that will be at your service in any moment.
We recommend booking apartments and hotels earlier, as finding place to stay right before the festival starts is almost impossible. Also, if there is even something free for rent, you can expect much higher prices than usual. Therefore, we advise you to think on time and book your place the same time you buy the festival ticket.

If you are going with larger group of people (8-10), another highly comfortable option is renting one of offered villas in Istria and choosing the best one for your group.

For everyone who cannot afford renting apartment and sleeping in a hotel, or is simply not interested in that, festival organizes camp for its visitors. It is possible to come with camper and there is space for tents. Everyone without tent could use one provided by the festival, for small 30 kn commission. These tents are appropriate for two persons.
The camp is located 500 meters from the festival area, next to seaside, and is protected from the sun by multiple trees. Still there is plenty of space for all the campers.

We hope that you found useful information in here and could find appropriate place to stay. See you at the festival!