Call for Bands

To vote in the second round it is necessary to re-register with the e-mail, after which you will get a new code for voting, as votes from the first round were reset!

All bands who want to play at the festival should apply for the competition, and the winners will be chosen by the audience votes.

Applications for bands competition are opened from 15th December to 30th January. The contest will be held in three voting rounds. In the first round of voting, which runs from 15th February to 15th March, 30 artists with the highest number of votes will be selected. The second voting round, where 15 performers remain, will run from 16th March to 15th April. Two artists who win the most audience votes in the final round, which runs from April 16th to May 1st, will ensure their performance on the main festival stage. One of the prizes, which will be awarded to band members who win the most audience votes, is the new Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone.


Bands with highest votes number


The Law of Heaven, Zagreb, Croatia

Band "The Law of Heaven" includes several young people, mostly students, from Zagreb. Band is an active participant in numerous manifestations of spiritual music (Krapina fest 2004, Long 2004, Easter fest 2008, Atmosphere Factory 2008 Humanitarian -Boogaloo, etc.). Except for initial engagement and cooperation, it is important to emphasize that "The Law of Heaven" creates exclusively copyrighted spiritual rock music. Their first album should be released this year.


Embassy 516 (Dubrovnik)

This is the after-life of the several projects that we've been doing through the past years (until 2004). Band started to play as "Embassy 516" since 18.11.2006. We were closed to practice and arrange the material in the "sea building" of the IRO - Old Hospital, Dubrovnik, where the alter / underground scene of this small city is collected in one place. Today we are trying to spread our words, music and other material outside the ancient "city walls".


Adastra (Zagreb, Croatia)

Adastra is 5-year-old rock band from Zagreb, which has performed on more than 200 concerts in Croatia and the region. The first album was released in 2007 and the second one is coming in the second month of this year. Inspired by a wave of violence among young people throughout Croatia, Adastra wrote the song "Raw grade", launched "Everyone's right is to live" action and organized 6 concerts against violence in the country attended by 30,000 people. Adastra has been selected for the group of year in 2009, by the Croatian radio listeners.


October Light (Puscine, Croatia)

October Light is the solo band apparently originated in the 10th month. It consists of five members with the same surname. Their instruments, apart from standard rock set, include trumpet, trombone, saxophone, harmonica and keytar. From 2005 until today, they have played on multiple big and small stages, always managing to thrill the audience. They play a pulsating SKA rhythm, skillfully crafted with elements of modern rock music. The solid sound, positive energy, piercing horns and deep lyrics certainly will not leave you indifferent.


Agharti (Zagreb, Croatia)

Members: Tina - vocals, Alen - guitar, backing vocals, Filip - guitar, Ivana - keyboards, backing vocals, Hrvoje - bass, Marko – Drums.
The band was founded in 2006 by Filip, Hrvoje and Marko under a different name. In 2008, Tina comes as a new singer and, a month later, Iva becomes responsible for the shares on keyboards. After a while they begin to work on their own songs. After a couple of concerts in 2009, Alen gets into place of guitarists. At that point new, heavier sound is created and Agharti arises!


Downcast Art (Karlovac / Zagreb / Croatia)

Downcast Art is five-member symphonic metal band formed in 2006. It was only in 2009 when the band marks final formation with female vocals. Despite predetermined subgenre, the band allows variation within and outside it, creating its own sound, which audience had opportunity to hear on numerous Croatian festivals and concerts inside and outside country borders. The band is currently completing the first album, which will be presented on the tour in 2010.


Replica (Zagreb)

With the serious work we started during the year 2002 and with concerts in 2004. We played in almost every club in Zagreb (Sax, Purgeraj, Boogaloo, KSET ...). Our music represents a combination of rock/grunge with funky and punk elements. Since 2008 we are under the contract of Croatia Records. Same year the first album "Cheap trick" was released, taking 6th place on top 40 best-selling domestic and 9th in combined domestic/foreign rankings. We have released two singles, "Train to Nowhere" and "Bestija", filmed music videos for these two…